Who doesn’t love a great Tee Shirt? And with colorful expressions by tommydoll, you can actually wear it, too! No…I am not kidding. And with doll convention season upon us, why not wear your favorite expressions while playing dolls with your friends from all over the world? No…really


This is an honest entrepreneurial collection, puddings – and these are the FIRST in a series of tommydoll tee shirts and wearing apparel, quite possibly even for your dolls (that one will take some time, though).


Featuring Slim Men’s Fit American-made 100% Cotton Tees by American Apparel and Regular Men’s Fit 100% Cotton Tees by Gildan – your satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed, or return them for a full refund. Supported by Spreadshirt, your online transaction is completely secure. Click HERE for the Slim Fit Selection by American ApparelClick HERE for the Regular Fit Selection by Gildan.


Tees are offered in multiple colors (sorry, but some colors are only available from American Apparel in Slim fit) – AND – these designs are only available for a limited time before a new collection is introduced. Of course, each highly fashionable tee is emblazoned with ‘tommydoll.com‘ on the back – just in case you forget where you got yours.


So what are you waiting for? Order yours today! They ship in 1-2 business days…so you’ll be reading your tommydoll, and wearing it, too. As always…thank you for supporting tommydoll!!!


My blog is satire, but your thoughts are welcome!

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