Month: May 2014

If Dolls Collected Humans

We’re a funny world, we doll people. But from the outside looking in, we can be perfectly mesmerizing in our talents, tastes, intelligence, creativity and even our stupidity. But that’s what makes us who we are – don’t hide from it – and don’t you dare deny it. In a parallel universe, dolls collect people – let’s rip a hole in space and time, … Read More If Dolls Collected Humans

The Top 21 Myths About The Doll World

The doll world contains within its hallowed halls all kinds of misconceptions that are endlessly tossed around internet chatrooms and collector gathering places. As a seasoned collector and one who has worked in the industry, I find many of them somewhat annoying, really – given all collectors have at their disposal in terms of research and information today, or the laborious tasks many doll … Read More The Top 21 Myths About The Doll World

Getting Your Tommydoll On And Wearing It!

Who doesn’t love a great Tee Shirt? And with colorful expressions by tommydoll, you can actually wear it, too! No…I am not kidding. And with doll convention season upon us, why not wear your favorite expressions while playing dolls with your friends from all over the world? No…really… This is an honest entrepreneurial collection, puddings – and these are the FIRST in a series … Read More Getting Your Tommydoll On And Wearing It!