Month: April 2014

How To Play With Your Dolls…Really.

So, how exactly do you play with a doll? This sounds like a pretty straightforward question, and yet – it’s actually rather perplexing when you break it down by the sum of its parts. To the non-doll collector, images must pop into the mind about a naked doll with frazzled hair lying on the floor with clothing and accessories scattered around. This may be … Read More How To Play With Your Dolls…Really.

The Top Ten Doll Blogs

Well, I hope you’ve all enjoyed the positively Bacchanalian excess of throwing Lent away for Easter…I did. But then it was time to wrap up my latest post…which has taken a lot of time to research and write…and reading a lot of crap, too. Other bloggers get to open doll boxes and review fabulous little morsels of dolly world heaven…I have to read shit … Read More The Top Ten Doll Blogs

It’s Not Lying, It’s Marketing…

I hate stupid people. I know that’s not a very healthy or Christian-thing to say, and that’s just what the world needs is a little more hate – but why deny it? It’s true, and realizing you have a problem is the best beginning in dealing with it. But my hate of stupid people isn’t really my problem, it’s theirs…because being stupid can easily … Read More It’s Not Lying, It’s Marketing…