I am your worst nightm...um-er...competition!

I am your worst nightm…um-er…competition!

I love writing a blog, because it gives me the chance to respond to stupid statements. I won’t identify the where or who involved in this discussion, but when it was implied that one doll company has little to no other competition; least of all, from those that make striking similar products – or those made from expensive resin…my blood started to boil…

I have no competition.

I have no competition.

A fool and his money are soon parted. And it would take a fool to not understand what would be competition to the fool’s business.Competition is created when any company puts a product into the marketplace that offers something different enough to distract your customers away from buying yours, regardless of things like similarity, price point, or even quality.

I'm an original.

I’m an original.

If a company makes dolls with superior articulation, extraordinary accessories and packaging, and popular price points – that is competition.

The truth hurts, doesn't it, Diablo?

Size does matter.

If a company offers a high-end doll crafted in resin wearing couture-quality clothing in tiny editions – that is competition.

She's already thinking about competing with you...

She’s already thinking about competing with you…

If an artist can repaint your product and offer it for sale at 3 times the original retail – that is competition.

Yup..even me.

Yup..even me.

Consider the vast number today of cottage industry businesses that make exceptional clothing for just about any doll – that is competition.

Me, too.

Me, too.

Think of the Asian factories that are now making their own dolls and accessories, even if their English translations are funny as hell and make no sense – that is competition.

Well...she's trying to compete...

Well…she’s trying to compete…

When a major corporate toy maker feels you’ve been sniffing around in their backyard, and they step-up their 11.5-inch icon to draw attention away from your customers – that is competition.

Look familiar?

Look familiar?

Why, even the artist who restyles hair, re-sculpts faces, or even inserts eyes in the place of painted versions – that is competition.



So it should come as no surprise that when any company feels threatened by its competition, they shift into ‘copy it‘ or ‘distract from it‘ mode…especially when original ideas are lacking. This kind of ignorance always used to bother the pure hell out of me…largely because of the enormity of its truth. And truth is a bitch.

Competition? How wonderful...

How wonderful…

The bottom-line is anything or anyone that takes away from your revenue or your brand is, and must always be viewed as, competition – if you are to survive.

Competition comes from everywhere

Competition comes from everywhere

Integrity is Tonner’s competition, and so is Superdoll, and all the companies in between that have absconded with a sale from a Tonner customer. If any company is going to keep its brand afloat, it is going to have to do it with something stronger than uninteresting movie characters with boring clothes, The Wizard of Oz, or toy line dolls with which I wouldn’t wipe my ass. In my humble opinion, that is…

Apples and rotten oranges, maybe.

Apples and rotten oranges, maybe.

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