Barbie in the upcoming Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

Barbie in the upcoming Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

Really? Read it here…
There’s going to be a new, more plasticky model posing alongside the flesh-and-blood ones in the Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue next week. Hmmm…’plasticky’…well, I guess that simply means flesh-and-blood ones do have some or more plastic in them than Barbie. And kudos to Mattel’s spokesperson for saying “Barbie is a legend in her own right, with more than 150 careers and a brand valued at $3 billion. She is in great company with the other legends such as Heidi Klum and Christie Brinkley, to name a few.”



For those asses that continue to harp on Barbie’s body image…allow me to share with you just a few ‘other’ ideas of body image from Sports Illustrated…it’s an odd and peculiar world of men, isn’t it? And it’s gays that are destroying the sanctity of marriage…go figure.

All different...

All different…why can’t Barbie be one of them?

download download (2) download (1)I rest my case.


One Comment on “Only The Plasticky Ones, Please…

  1. I think my favorite comeback to the “Barbie is an evil body image/self esteem destroyer of young girls!” was delivered to Anna Quindlen, a feminist and writer. Ms. Quindlen had just given one of those fire and brimstone “Barbie is evil!” speeches, to an audience of mothers and young daughters. At the end, she did a meet and greet, and a nine year old girl shook her hand, and very politely said, as she looked Anna in the eye, “It’s just a doll.”

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