Shirley Temple Black – 1928-2014


Many people haven’t had the fortunate moment or two to actually behold one of Shirley Temple’s movies such as ‘Bright Eyes’ (thanks for the correction Jim – Good Ship Lollipop is a song, not the film!), but you should. She is the most recognized child actor of motion picture history. Since the release of ‘Stand Up and Cheer’ in 1934, the pint-sized commodity had made her way into America’s hearts – and the big show began. Not only was she an amazingly talented actor, but she had a face that lent itself to a genre of dolls like no other could. The dimples and hairstyle were distinctive, and the little pouty smile had ‘manufactured doll’ written all over it. And thank goodness for all doll lovers!


Hundreds of Shirley Temple doll styles have been produced over the decades, some of them quite collectible, and some of them fairly forgettable. Ideal Toy Company cornered the market with its license of the star, issuing mass versions of Shirley Temple dolls that are the most widely known; however, several fakes and copies exist, so know your identifications and markings here.


Tommydoll pays tribute to Shirley Temple as not only the greatest child star…but also one of the greatest doll concepts…ever.

Take your last bow, Baby...

Take your last bow, Baby…

2 Comments on “Goddess – In Memoriam

  1. I think you are referring to “Bright Eyes”…not “Good Ship Lollipop”. LOL!! Although she did sing this song in “Bright Eyes”.

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