Beauty is in the eyes...

Beauty is in the eyes…

One of the things about being a writer and blogging your thoughts are those whims that muddy the water when your mind goes in one direction, and your blog goes in another. And for those of you who know me, you can stop rolling you eyes in that tone. Nevertheless, when I started one of my features herein called ‘Celebration‘ – the idea was to tag people and doll-related websites that I loved – as in my first such posting under this tag – here. That being said, the thought never really occurred to me to explain why I was posting it. Well, for one, I love sharing things I love…and I love seeing things others share with me (as in Facebook – love it!). And that kittens, is what ‘Celebration‘ is all about. Postings tagged under such a label MUST be seen…by you, me…everyone who is anyone. Hell, forget reading my blog…if I am tagging it under ‘Celebration,’ you need to be seeing it for yourself, and well…celebrating it! The internet has given us so many layers to our doll collecting euphoria, and variety in visibility is the one that by far outweighs all the others.


Oz – The Great & Powerful

I am mesmerized by Repainters. Partly because I draw and paint myself…but mostly because I have tried my hand at this infinite art form…where the proof is truly in the pudding, Puddings. Painting is a chore…portrait painting can be a nightmare…and when you add three dimensions to the canvas, you begin to understand why it is one of my all-time favorite aspects in loving and playing with dolls. It’s one thing to paint a two-dimensional portrait of a person, it is entirely another to realize that person’s character in a set sculpture that may or may not accurately represent the person of which the artist chose to render. If a doll has already been sculpted by the doll maker to represent a specific person’s likeness, well, the repaint artist is only halfway there. The ultimate personality of the final character must be considered deeply to effect an accurate portrayal of the intended visage which will personify the face, story and essence of a human being (I won’t even go into non-humans!). So keeping that in mind, here is one such artist that has all the right stuff in my eyes…Laurie Leigh.


Humanity is highly overrated.

What makes Laurie’s work brilliant isn’t a simple matter of acrylics and sealers…it’s a vision. From rendered likenesses from non-likeness sculpts, to fantasy beings and creatures you’d meet in a del Toro film…Laurie understands life in the eye, the face…and the expression. In my humble opinion, she is one of few repaint artists that so sublimely captures expression – and that is what makes her repaints art. She is unique…and her work is indentifiable just by its style and execution. I know dozens of doll collector friends who know her work on sight…and follow her like hungry little puppies waiting for her next morsel to be tossed up for our hungry eyes to behold. Allow me to share images from her own website which you can visit here. Darlings…this is like walking in a garden, and I am so happy you’ve decided to share this stroll with me…




Death Becomes Her


“Now show me your black swan…”


Tiffany Case


La Danse Macabre


BJDs add a new level of depth…


Dynamic expression is deep…


For the boys…


The undead live…


Bella’s Wedding Day…






Jaina Solo


Madge #1


I want to come with you to Alderaan. There’s nothing for me here now…


6 Comments on “Celebration: Fabulous Doll Art Around The World – Beautiful Faces by Laurie Leigh

  1. Love this, she is so talented. I would love one day to own either a doll by Sam or Laurie Leigh!

  2. Tommy thank you for this. It is always amazing to hear that people like what you do. A real validation that I’m on the right path. Hugs and much love. ♥ Let’s glow brightly together.

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