Month: February 2014

Why Doesn’t Love Last?

Yes, I do take requests. And this was such a good question posted in the comments of this post, that I had to sit down and think. Really, there are so many reasons why dolls die. Harsh, you say…well, not to someone who loves dolls – because you see, that’s exactly what happens – some dolls die. Some for good reason, some for absolutely … Read More Why Doesn’t Love Last?

It Only Looks Expensive

Despite my rantings here…it’s now time to present the other side of the story… Look, I wore alot of hats when I worked for a doll maker over the course of ten years. So I can safely say there’s a great deal I know about doll design, production, marketing, the lot. In fact, one of the things with which I actually had little involvement … Read More It Only Looks Expensive

Always Glow Brightly: Ginger, Jill, Ann…and a few Angels…

Having More fun with Integrity Toy’s 16-inch Poppy Parker. Using Poppy, one wild-ass wig…some incredible beaded crochet gowns by the late Paula Kagan…and ALOT of Photoshop…She wants to be loved by you…boo boo bee doop! Bring it Tina Louise, Ann Margret, Raquel Welch, and Jill St. John!   Oh, yes…and a little tribute to my Angels…didn’t have the heart to ‘shop’ out the red on … Read More Always Glow Brightly: Ginger, Jill, Ann…and a few Angels…

Apples and Oranges

I love writing a blog, because it gives me the chance to respond to stupid statements. I won’t identify the where or who involved in this discussion, but when it was implied that one doll company has little to no other competition; least of all, from those that make striking similar products – or those made from expensive resin…my blood started to boil… A … Read More Apples and Oranges

Happy Valentine’s Day

Who You Callin’ Cupcake?

OK…this has nothing to do with dolls…but it is Valentine’s Day, and I just couldn’t pull a good Valentine-themed post out of my ass for you, so I made cupcakes. Not just any cupcakes, mind you…but fabulous cupcakes. Dolls and food don’t really mix (rest in peace, Bonnie Vivant), so this won’t be a regular thing. But indulge me, I don’t have a stinking … Read More Who You Callin’ Cupcake?

Only The Plasticky Ones, Please…

Really? Read it here… There’s going to be a new, more plasticky model posing alongside the flesh-and-blood ones in the Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue next week. Hmmm…’plasticky’…well, I guess that simply means flesh-and-blood ones do have some or more plastic in them than Barbie. And kudos to Mattel’s spokesperson for saying “Barbie is a legend in her own right, with more than 150 careers and … Read More Only The Plasticky Ones, Please…

Goddess – In Memoriam

Shirley Temple Black – 1928-2014 Many people haven’t had the fortunate moment or two to actually behold one of Shirley Temple’s movies such as ‘Bright Eyes’ (thanks for the correction Jim – Good Ship Lollipop is a song, not the film!), but you should. She is the most recognized child actor of motion picture history. Since the release of ‘Stand Up and Cheer’ in 1934, … Read More Goddess – In Memoriam

FRODO: Shaken, Not Stirred

This really isn’t a review, per se…it’s more of a celebration. Hit it, boys… Integrity Toys‘ 16-inch Poppy Parker ‘Magic Moment‘ literally takes my breath away…and does this gal love the camera! Ginger Grant was my generation’s Marilyn Monroe, and I just couldn’t get enough of her and that red hair! C’mon…you know we all would cry out in unison to the TV, “The … Read More FRODO: Shaken, Not Stirred

Always Glow Brightly: Poppy Parker

Oh, yes! There will be a FRODO Review of this lady…stay tuned!!!

What’s Your FRODO?

It’s that time of year again…the new doll collections! Brush away that empty wallet, pull up a seat next to Uncle Tommy…and let’s talk. This is the time when manufacturers and artists unveil their new offerings up to you, the collecting deities you are…and don’t you forget that. But by the time the first dolls start delivering, the doll designers have moved on to … Read More What’s Your FRODO?

Barbara Walters’ Most Fascinating People Special – The Doll World Legends – Sydney Chase

She is one of the Doll World’s most mysteriously public figures surrounded in much debate and speculation, and her recent proclamation regarding her private life has sent ripples as far as Afghanistan, where she is revered for her khatai cookies. She is of course, Sydney Chase, daughter of the infamous Virginia Chase, fashion’s most notorious editor and Rod Chase, who disappeared under dubious circumstances … Read More Barbara Walters’ Most Fascinating People Special – The Doll World Legends – Sydney Chase