My header of choice...

My header of choice…

If you are not familiar with superdoll_collectables, you’re missing out. In 2013, they released a Marl&B Exclusive sculpt honoring Hollywood Femme Fatale, Abbe Lane. Abbe Lane is a variety star beauty that has contributed to film and television – learn more here and here. This version, called ‘You Devil You’ is an edition of 99 pieces, and she is still available for $775 at Marl&B’s website – not an ad, per se…but folks have asked, so what the hell…as with most dolls over which I obsess, I just can’t get enough of her! She’s partnered with my ‘Bo’ makeover doll by Sam @ Halo Repaints…and she serves as the face of my blog for the time being…


An imagined magazine cover…

I have been photographing this intoxicating beauty for a few weeks now, and sharing my photos on my private Facebook page. After sharing them on, Prego, I had a couple of emails from folks that are not Facebook users (though you needn’t be a member or my ‘friend’ to see them all here) – but I thought what a great place to display visions of this extraordinary doll – tommydoll! Enjoy – and remember…always glow brightly

A Christmas card...dark, yes...but matching the lighting ain't easy, kittens...

A Christmas card…dark, yes…but matching the lighting ain’t easy, kittens…

So here they are…in all their glory…home photography can be challenging, and there’s plenty of time to discuss that later, and yes, some of them are the best in terms of sharpness (depth of field still eludes me from time to time in favor of style). Most were shot with Nikon D3100, processed in Adobe Lightroom, and Photoshop. Enjoy them…she is a beauty!


A side note: I enjoy super saturation as a tool…fun effects, indeed. And I also enjoy editing doll joints – not because I find them unattractive, but because sometimes they can distract from the doll’s mojo. It’s labor-some, and not always successful…you be the judge.

_DSC0051 _DSC0047butterfly _DSC0034a _DSC0024-2a _DSC0022a _DSC0015 _DSC0014a _DSC0012-2a _DSC0012 _DSC0011 _DSC0008 _DSC0007a _DSC0002-5


This was done on my iPhone!

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